Taxi Advertising Display Systems

Earn extra income by offering advertising spaces inside your taxi

Advertaxi (Taxi Advertising) has been designed for those active and smart taxi drivers that want to bring back home a little extra money every month. You can easily get your own advertising clients amongst leisure venues round your city: restaurants, hotels, gymnasiums, garages… They’ll be delighted and will easily see the potential of placing their advertising right in front of the most attractive and distinguished audience of all: taxi passengers.

But furthermore, Advertaxi is also perfect for deals between taxi companies and large corporations, becoming an ideal media for extensive advertising campaigns, discount voucher distribution… It’s time to make a move — Advertaxi is worth very much, but costs very little!
Taxi advertisment is the best option if you want to make the most of your vehicle.

  • The Patented Advertaxi Leaflet Display can adapt to any vehicle and it is light, strong and resistant
  • Presenting our Leaflet Display, A5 Flyer Display, Business Card Display and Mini Display. If you have any special requirements, we can manufacture to measure
  • Many colours available: customise your ad campaign with the colours of your brand
  • Patented Auto-Press System: stops unwanted movement and noises
  • Unlimited possibilities for your creative campaigns!
  • Patented: we are the exclusive manufacturers and distributors of this advertising display system

Taxi advertising is a common thing nowadays on the outside of taxis, but in-taxi advertising is a different matter. When you want to make money from advertising inside your cab, there are some systems which require purchasing screens and complex electronic installations and then it’s also very difficult to produce the media required to play on these systems.

Advertaxi does away with that more expensive, unnecessary taxi media with our patented system which will drop your taxi advertising costs down to almost nothing, so that you can start raking in the profit right from the first month.

Whether you’re an individual taxi driver or a taxi advertising agency, you can benefit for this extremely cost-effective, innovative taxi-media system for showing BTL advertising campaigns inside taxis, right in front of the passengers’ eyes, at almost no cost.

Check out all our different products and prices to see which is the best for you, and start making a bit of extra money with advertising displays and leaflet dispensers inside your cab today! Taxi advertisement Agency.

Buy now and start your own in-taxi advertising revenue system