Benefits for Passengers

Entertainment and information:

Promotional information throughout the journey, which is useful both for local residents as for tourists and foreigners.

Benefits for Cabbies

Financial remuneration:

Thanks to Advertaxi’s Display Systems, taxi drivers can earn some extra income or get free services in exchange for advertising other businesses (hotel stays, meals and dinners, vehicle maintenace or repairs…)

Free advertising:

The cabbie’s advert or the private cab company’s phone number and contact details can be placed on the two tabs either side of the leaflet holders.

Benefits for Advertisers

Impact advertising:

Advertising inside taxis is a type which is called ‘BTL’ (Below The Line) or ‘Non-Conventional’. Since it is unusual, it produces surprise in the viewer and achieves in these passengers a high level of atention.

Captive audience:

The viewers are located inside the vehicle, sitting right in front of the advert for a long period of time so it is thus inevitable for them to receive the message.

High purchasing power audience:

The profile of a taxi user is that of a creditworthy, high purchasing power person, which turns him/her into an attractive target for most brands.