Taxi advertising in London: which one is the best option?

From Chelsea to Camberwell, from Hyde Park to Mottingham, London is a lively, colourful city with many options for advertisers. Are you thinking about offering your own vehicle for these purposes so you can easily earn some extra money? Keep on reading and find out which one is the choice that truly suits you.

When we talk about London taxi, there is an outrageous amount of different commercial formats that can be hired.

As the taxi London policies allow, in contrast to other big cities’ laws, you can easily turn a cab into a mobile display that can be seen in the street by tons of people.

Thus, if we consider black cab advertising as a giant screen, there are also some differences according to the area covered, as the vinyl (or led lights) can fully or partially coat the car body, or just be an ad section on one of the door panels. Of course, this is the easiest way of being seen by your target (and, let’s face it, by everyone), but it also has a high cost. In this way, it is true that the price can be lowered a bit if the campaign is sustained in time, but anyway this solution is not precisely cheap.

Some big companies, like fashion brands, also use this kind of ads by hiring a convoy in order to attend some event. Then, these cabs can be seen surrounding the event, allowing them to create brand stand-out in the heart of the areas that are strategically important for them. Sometimes, they even offer free rides for some people from the event to their destinations, delighting them, which in turn can be very positive for the brand which provides this service.

In terms of display, we can also speak about taxi top advertising, referring to the usually enlightened sign that is located on the roof of the vehicle. It offers a quick view for pedestrians nearby, and can only hold one message (and with not a lot of information, due to the traffic speed, which makes it difficult for people to stare and read). A 2.0 version of this is also available, a digital taxi top advertising, that allows the driver to insert more than just one advert thanks to the incorporation of an LED screen on the taxi top which switches between adverts. The downside is that many of these don’t normally offer much resolution, and your ad would only be seen part of the time, alternating with other ads.

There’s also a not-so-cheap option that is highly eye-catching. Location-rich taxis offer ads managed with GPS. This mean that advertisers can learn a lot more of their campaigns, and even launch them depending on the area (i.e. they can offer some discounts from a store in the streets nearby, so people in the neighbourhood are able to know about this promotion).

A much more economical solution could be seat back posters and head-rest covers. With this kind of ads, you can reach your audience for less money, as they are usually fixed to the driver seat, so the user can read the message for a longer period, until they arrive to their destination. This media has also a great disadvantage, and it is that the ad cannot be changed every now and then.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative, Advertaxi may be a great way to start displaying adverts without spending a lot of cash by offering ads in your vehicle. Our patented advertising display systems can be easily attached to the back of the front seats, letting your passengers not only read local leisure venues, but also find maps, brochures and many other useful pamphlets that can be taken away with them. The best option about taxi advertisement.

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