Taxi media VS ridesharing media: similarities and differences

Self promotional ads

Urban transportation is non-stop growing from a few years ago. We can see many different companies that are also taking a piece of the cake in alternative transport, as the ridesharing is getting more and more customers every day. Leaving legal issues behind, of course there are a lot of similarities between taxi media and ridesharing ads, but also some differences. How do they differ?


The media
Both systems use the same methods, but there’s a huge difference: ridesharing services cannot apply some of the displays where you can see any taxi advert. We’re talking about taxi top advertising and digital taxi top advertising, of course.

It depends on the country and sometimes on the city, but ridesharing services are not usually allowed to carry anything on the car top.

If we think of the inner part of the vehicle, technologies like tablets and iPads are the most used media in these companies, unlike in taxicabs, where physical adverts like brochures or maps, are preferred.


The topics
Unlike the collaborative profile that can be found in taxi adverts, ridesharing companies are more into promoting themselves, especially when it comes to side door advertising or even full wrap.

A good example of it is Cabify, who used their cabs in Madrid, Spain, to make people know about them. They printed several names on cars, so people could say (if they were lucky) that a driver had picked up them in a vehicle with their name.

Self promotional ads

An example of Cabify’s self promotional ads.

Taxis case is just the opposite. Big cities use to have a huge cab fleet. They have been on the road for years (even decades), and people don’t really need to know that they exist. Companies have seen numerous mobile canvas in them, and taxis have taken advantage of it, offering themselves as the perfect display.


It’s crystal clear that there are many differences when we speak about both means of transport, but the thing is that both could use Advertaxi. Both have a high purchasing power audience, an audience who spend enough time inside of the vehicle. Besides, this media can carry promotional information as well as entertainment contents. There are a lot of possibilities!

Additionally, thanks to Advertaxi’s Display Systems, drivers can earn some extra income or get free services in exchange for advertising other businesses (hotel stays, meals and dinners, vehicle maintenace or repairs…).

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