Top five advert ideas: a ride to creativity

An easy way to tranform your cab into a multimedia display

When we talk about advertising, there are as much ideas as drops of water in the sea. The only limit is your imagination – or almost, as the high cost of some of them can also be a little handicap to our commercial goals. In the end, what we want to achieve is to earn some extra money, isn’t it? Take a look at the list below in order to find which one suits you the most.

5.- Integrate your vehicle features with regular taxi media. There’s no smarter way of taking advantage of the outside of your vehicle than getting vinyl ads made, enhanced with your own cab characteristics. HBO made an impressive campaign some years ago promoting its successful series The Sopranos, by letting a human arm show from the trunk of the car. In the following picture, you can also see how the break lights are used to represent a strong headache as part of a very clever BTL campaign.

smart cab advert

A smart way to take advantage of your own vehicle features.

4.- Multimedia outer  Another great way to improve your black cab advertising experience is making it go multimedia. It’s kind of trendy to see this QR codes stamped on taxis’ bodywork – and they actually catch the attention of the pedestrians. Just imagine. Everybody has a smartphone nowadays. What if they could easily get all the information in just one click? On the bad side, taxis bodies can he easily harmed, and a simple scratch could break the link.

An easy way to tranform your cab into a multimedia display

QR codes in taxi advertising are becoming an actual trend.

3.- Receipt pad. Maybe a cheaper way of reaching the target could be the reverse of the receipts. Every client gets one once they have paid (well, they should do), and it is a not-so-expensive way of making them get your advertising message. Anyway, this method has two issues. The first one is that not a lot of people take a careful look at all of their receipts, so the ad could go unnoticed. The second one is that the message must be the same for a while in order to become really affordable, so you’d lose the multiplicity of communications.

2.- Inner decoration. A trend in taxi advertising that was born a few years ago in India, thanks to Taxi Fabric. This company transforms the inside of cabs, making each one of them a piece of art, where colour and details become the stars of a taxi ride. Why not make the most from this option? Let creativity get into your cab and let it be the most amazing advert you have ever seen. But consider it has a biger con than pro: you’ll have to take extra care of your vehicle, and you may get tired of watching over it day after day and taking great care of it.

1.- Advertaxi. Maybe the smartest solution of them all about taxi ads. Easy to install, more than affordable and allows you to show more than just one single ad message. Use it for adverstising or tourist information. There are plenty of choices to add some value to your customers’ rides. Do you know them all? Click here and learn more.